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Ginger Advent Calendar: Read ‘The Power of Redheads’, celebrating female redheads through fiction

As redheads ourselves, we know the power that ginger hair can offer. It can conjure a double take, a lovely compliment, or even an outright stare. Above all, it demands attention!

New ebook The Power of Redheads knows the strength of red hair, which celebrates “the female ginger tribe through fiction” as described by its author. Featuring a combination of novel and essay, it covers narration, blogs, editorials, reports of debates and much more, all surrounding the greatness of redheads.

Richard Labrosse is the author of the piece, whose background is in philosophy, journalism, city planning and music. He told us: “I have always found redheads to be unique and hope to have created a fiction that depicts them in an original way.

The Power of Redheads is meant above all to entertain but also to stimulate conversation.”

The Power of Redheads: An Unusual Novel and Essay on Political Philosophy by Richard Labrosse is now available to download from Amazon. Happy reading!

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