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Ginger emojis are NOT here, and here’s what we know

Ginger emojis are NOT here, and here’s what we know

Redheads, those of you who are eagerly downloading your Apple iOS 12 updates, we’ll save you the trouble: the ginger emojis are NOT on there.

Despite there being a huge amount of press around redhead emojis and Apple’s iOS 12 release, we are still without ginger emojis.

What does the ginger community have to do to get some representation around here?!

As ever, Apple are keeping details of their release very much under wraps, so we don’t know too much right now.

Who knows, perhaps we’re only a few weeks away from the next update, and redhead emojis will follow suit. Apple will of course release out iOS 12.1, 12.2, etc, etc, and these updates could be just around the corner. The fact that there are no new emojis at all appearing on iOS 12 (not just redheads) could mean that they plan to wrap them all together and release to devices in one go.

But for now, it’s a guessing game. Once again.

It’s fair to say that we, along with the entire ginger community, are confused by all of this. You’d think that three and half years would be long enough to wait for redhead emojis. Guess we’ll be waiting a bit longer.

We will not be defeated!


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