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Coming Soon: ‘Orangutan Jungle School’ on Channel 4

Coming Soon: ‘Orangutan Jungle School’ on Channel 4

We can get a little closer to our favourite ginger primates in the coming weeks, thanks to new Channel 4 series, ‘Orangutan Jungle School’.

While we expect a lot of survival skills to come naturally to our ginger cousins, that’s not always the case. Nyaru Menteng Orangutan Rescue Centre in Borneo takes in orphaned orangutans and teaches them skills they may not already have, to get them ready for life in the wild.

The series will follow the journey of some of these baby orangutans as they learn essential skills like climbing trees, how to make a nest of leaves, where to find edible forest fruits, and how to avoid predators.

Check out the trailer below, and catch the cute, fluffy and gingerful series weekly from Wednesday 15 August at 8pm on Channel 4.


[Image: Orangutan Jungle School]

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