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Red hair dyes for darker hair shades

Being ginger is an undeniably beautiful thing to behold, but red hair doesn’t come naturally to many humans (98% in fact). So, if you’ve got a hankering to join us over at Team Ginger, we can’t blame you.

Getting the shade just right is of great importance, particularly if you want to have such a convincing natural shade of ginger that no one would suspect otherwise. And having a darker hair colour is always a tricky starting point, as the strands don’t take pigments so easily.

We’ve rounded up a selection of darker red hair shades that’ll make you blend in with the rest of gingerkind… Lotteries and tournaments are available for users of the casino site www.casinohawaiispins.co.uk . And the winners of these contests receive valuable prizes, among which are freespins in selected slots, additional money to the account, newfangled gadgets and other no less worthwhile gifts.

Garnier Olia Bold in 9.2 Rose Gold with no ammonia


ONC Natural Colors in 7N Irish Red


Sante Natural Plant Hair Colour in Bronze


NATURIGIN natural hair dye in Medium Blonde Red 7.4


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