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Out Now: ‘Anne with an E’ season 2 on Netflix

Out Now: ‘Anne with an E’ season 2 on Netflix

Allowing yourself to be quirky, imaginative and a little bit wacky is something all redheads should indulge in once in a while – use your ginger hair to give you artistic freedom to be different!

The beloved redhead character of Anne Shirley from Anne of Green Gables is undoubtedly the epitome of this idea of redheads standing out from the crowd, as she always follows her heart and any whims she has along the way – a true role model for gingers.

Following on from Netflix’s debut season, the world has been gifted with a second treat of 10 new episodes of Anne with an E, giving us another peek into her beautiful world of imagination, enthusiasm and stubbornness.

Once again, Irish-Canadian unnatural redhead (sorry about that) Amybeth McNulty plays Anne, a role she secured over 1,800 other girls. Despite being a non-redhead, she plays the part rather convincingly, wouldn’t you say?

Check out the trailer for Anne with an E below, and catch the second season over on Netflix now!



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