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Coming Soon: ‘Mary Queen of Scots’

Calling all royal redheads (that’s all of you, you lovely people)! We hope you were paying attention when the new trailer for Mary Queen of Scots dropped recently – did you spot the double whammy of gingerness?

The movie trailer gives us plenty of drama, romance, action, and flaming red hair to boot (in that particular Elizabethan style we all adore), as we are given too-brief glimpses of a classic story that will surely take us on a rollercoaster of a ride.

Let’s remind you of the epic history behind the movie. As redhead Mary Stuart (played by Saoirse Ronan) returns to her homeland of Scotland to take her rightful place as Queen, her cousin, the equally gingerful Queen Elizabeth I (Margot Robbie), gains rule over England and Scotland.

At first, they are both fascinated and intimidated by each other’s red hair (probably), but in particular, the power the other has over their lands. Mary Stuart attempts to overthrow Queen Elizabeth I from the English throne, causing them to vie to prove their claim to lead the monarchy.

Ronan (above, left) and Robbie (above, right) captivate us in their roles showing us their power and grit, and we can hardly wait to see each compelling line of dialogue. The film also brings together other notable players including Gemma Chan, David Tennant, Joe Alwyn, and Guy Pearce.

We’re on the edge of our seats with every cut of this ginger-dominated trailer, and the film’s release date of 7 December cannot come soon enough! Check out the trailer below…


By Molly



Molly comes to us all the way from sunny California, U.S.A.! Making home movies with friends at an early age has led Molly to become a Film and TV fanatic. You can catch her yelling angrily at horror movie victims, or rewatching one of her faves, LoTR, for the 400th time.Nicknamed ‘The Mollinator’, this redhead lives for positivity, and is sure there is a correlation between her love for life and her daily coffee intake. She may have an unnatural fear of escalators, but her biggest ginger accomplishment was being called Merida by every child while working at Disney World.On a regular day, Molly can be found passionately reblogging adorable kitten gifs (ginger ones, OBVS), or staring at the ocean for the existence of mermaids and the Loch Ness monster.