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Out Now: ‘The Break With Michelle Wolf’

Out Now: ‘The Break With Michelle Wolf’

Maybe it’s to do with our hair’s likeness to flames, but saying that redheads are fiery and strong-willed is something we can only take as a compliment, thank you very much.

Grabbing this age-old fiery stereotype by the horns is Michelle Wolf, with her new comedy sketch show, The Break With Michelle Wolf. Starring the natural redhead herself, the Netflix show’s latest promo reveals a clip of her ‘Featuring a Strong Female Lead’ sketch, which plays on the streaming service’s sorting category of the same name.

Hilariously, it pushes the stereotypes of being a strong female lead to the absolute max, drawing on many Jessica Chastain roles (excellent tie in with some gingerness there) and playing on plenty of the expected traits of powerful men in powerful positions.

In the phoney film trailer, Michelle plays the role of Cassandra, a hardheaded (and redheaded!) businesswoman who doesn’t have time for sleeping, eating, or romance. Catch this sketch and much more hilarity over on The Break With Michelle Wolf over on Netflix, with new episodes released every Sunday!


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