The Redhead Personality Project: Do Gingers Have Similar Personalities?

We all know that when redheads get together, they often share a special, knowing bond that connects them instantly. But what if it goes further than that? Could redheads have more in common than just their ginger hair, freckles and chronic intolerance of the sun?

The Redhead Personality Project is determined to find out the answer. By collecting responses from as many gingers as possible, the Project plans to determine whether there are similarities between the personalities of natural redheads.

By filling in a brief survey and recording three audio samples in response to questions relating to their red hair, participants will enter their data to be included in the Project’s analysis. In return, participants will receive a complete personality profile, helping you to better understand yourself and how you think.

These answers will all be pooled together and analysed using technology to cross-reference the similarities between redheads from all over the world. The findings will also be shared with data visualisation specialist Kaye Nightingale to be included in her doctoral thesis on redheads in business, as well as Red: A History of the Redhead author Jacky Colliss Harvey, who plans to write a book based on the results.

All this started when natural gingers Barry Singleton from Ginger With Attitude and Stuart Sherman from Scale Insights / IMC first met at the Redhead Days in Breda in 2013, when they became fast friends. Since then, they decided to put their red heads together to feed their curiosity to know more about the human condition, and thus the Redhead Personality Project was born.

So, are you a citizen, a researcher or an explorer? And what about the rest of Gingerkind? Time to find out!

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