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When sperm donor centre Cryos International turned away ginger men in 2011, redheads the world over shed a tear for Gingerkind – as many steps as we had taken towards shunning the negative stigma attached to red hair, we had suddenly jumped ten steps back.

Alas! We can take one giant leap forward, as it’s been revealed that more and more people want a little ginger of their own. Co-ParentMatch.com, a social network for sperm donors and co-parents, has broadcast a global call for donations specifically from ginger men, which are now in high demand.

Their statement said: “Historically, red-headed donors have not been popular, but we are getting requests for profiles of men with fiery hair.”

Finally! Using the hashtag #SaveGingers on Twitter, Co-ParentMatch.com hopes to spread the word.


Ginger Parrot

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