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Bright and Bold Swimwear For Redheads

Bright and Bold Swimwear For Redheads

Summer is here and there’s nothing like a cool swim in the pool on a hot day (as long as you’re wearing sunscreen)! Swimwear has some of the biggest fashion trends for summer, and just because the sun isn’t a redhead’s best friend, that doesn’t mean we don’t get in on the fun.

With so many different colours, styles and shapes to choose from, it can be hard to pick which suit. Finding swimwear that compliments our fair skin and ginger hair is a fun challenge to have! This summer, because redheads should always be proud of their eye-catching hair, try out the block colour trend. Bright and bold colours compliment any skin tone or hair colour (as long as your skin tone isn’t bright red)!


Bold in Blue

ASOS: from UK £8, US $13.50

Royal blue is always a solid choice for gingers, as the shade compliments the red tones in our hair. Blue and red are almost opposite on the colour wheel, which creates a vibrant look sure to make you stand out.


Pretty in Pink (and Purple)

Topshop: UK £32, US $35

Purple has always been a classic choice in apparel for redheads. Purple of any shade makes ginger locks pop. This soft pastel purple will compliment our fair skin nicely, paired with the coral pink, which creates a bold but soft look for a day at the pool. Or maybe under a parasol.


Triple Threat

ASOS: from UK £19, US $30

This swimsuit is a total showstopper for redheads. The colours purple, blue, and peach all make red hair pop, and luckily for us, this suit contains all three! Copper-coloured hair will truly shine with this fun, unique swimsuit. Not only will your beautiful red hair be the talk of the beach, but your swimsuit will, too.



ASOS: UK £16, US $26

See Also

Styling for poolside fashion doesn’t end at swimsuits. Cover-ups offer more summer fashion outfits, and for redheads, it’s important to get some shade. This orange beach dress will have all eyes on you as the bright colour plays off your bright red hair. Light and flowy, you’ll also be comfortable in the heat.

ASOS: UK £20, US $32

This vintage-inspired beach cover-up will compliment your red hair – the bright pink paired with the yellows, reds and blues help make the red pop in the sunlight even more than it already does!

Let your fair skin and red hair steal the spotlight at any pool party this summer. Just always remember the SPF!


By Emily


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