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Ginger Hair Love: How To Do A Fishtail Braid


Ahh, the trusty fishtail braid.

This style is becoming so popular that red-haired celebrities (and others!) are even wearing the fishtails to red carpet events. It’s also a simple yet effective way to wear your hair this summer season.

This is the perfect go-to look for any occasion. It can be worn in a messy braid for a casual everyday look, or pulled tight and sleek for a more elegant braid.


What you need:


Elastic hair bands

Optional: Embellishments, such as flower pins or ribbon


How to do a fishtail braid:

1. You will need to start by combing your hair thoroughly all the way through to the ends. Take all the hair and pull to one side of your preference. I put my hair into a ponytail with an elastic hair band and left it in until the end.  You may choose to leave it in after you finish.

2. Divide the length into 2 sections, the left and right sections.

3. Take a small piece of the outer left section and pull it over the left section continuing to weave it under the right side. Pull tight to keep it in place.

4. Take a small piece of the outer right and pull over the right section continuing to weave it under the left side. Pull tight to keep it in place. I cannot stress that enough. Pulling tightly is key to getting the braid under control.  Continue alternating sides until you reach the end of the length of your hair.

5. Secure the fishtail with an elastic hair band. After, you can either very gently and carefully cut the top elastic hair band or leave it in.


If you want to wear it elegantly then you can leave it like this. However if the messy look is what you are going for, then gently loosen the strands of the braid by pulling on strands throughout the length of the braid.

Admittedly this took some practice so don’t give up if it doesn’t look right the first time you try it. Keep practising and you will get it!

Now you are o-fish-ally ready to rock your fishtail braid this summer!


By Sarah


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