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Ginger Hair Love: How To Get Beach Waves and Mermaid Hair

Ginger Hair Love: How To Get Beach Waves and Mermaid Hair

Beach waves and crimp-style mermaid hair make red hair look oh-so multi-tonal (plus anything that makes you look more like Princess Ariel, the better).

There are a couple of different ways to achieve these looks. You can do this with short or long hair so this is a look that any redhead can achieve.


What you need:

Straighteners (if using heat method)

Elastic hair bands (if braiding/plaiting)



How to do it:

1. Start by dividing your hair into sections and twisting (for beach look) or braiding (for mermaid hair) each section.

2. Take each twisted or plaited section and run straighteners along the section to ‘seal’ it.

3. Undo the twist or braid for fun beach waves or a mermaid look!

4. Set with hairspray.


To achieve without using heat:

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1. Complete stage 1 as per above, preferably on damp hair.

2. If opting for the beach look, pin twisted sections to the scalp before you go to bed. If you’re going for mermaid hair, secure the end of each plait with an elastic hair band before you go to bed.

3. In the morning, release your twists and braids for natural-looking summer hair!

4. Use serum if desired and set with hairspray.


By Sarah


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