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UK Exclusive: How Gingerella Became Gingerella

Gingerella logo

Some of you may recognise this feisty redhead from her appearance at Redhead Day UK 2015, but for those of you who aren’t yet acquainted, we’re pleased to introduce you to Gingerella.


As well as being a kick-ass ginger, Gingerella is also a crisp ginger ale, containing Mother Nature’s magical healer, ginger, and a blend of lemon, vanilla, sugar and spices grown by farmers in the developing world.

Gingerella belongs to the Karma Cola family which is created by All Good Organics, a fairtrade New Zealand-based company. The company’s ethos is to help 800 small farmers who work together to get a fair price for their crops, improve the health and productivity of their farms and the quality and quantity of their harvests.

So not only does it taste good, it does good, too. Plus, the bottle is kinda pretty.

But why Gingerella? Where did she come from? How did she get her amazing red hair do? Karma Cola gave us the UK exclusive, which you can also read about in their Gingerella zine.

Gingerella origin page 1

Gingerella page 2-3

Gingerella origin page 4

Gingerella embodies everything that redheads are about: empowerment, pride and a little bit of spice.

You can read all about Gingerella and how it’s made in Karma Cola’s zine below, including an interview with fellow redhead Lily Cole!




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