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Ginger Hair Love Tutorial: Top Knot Bun

Ginger Hair Love Tutorial: Top Knot Bun

Summer is finally here, and while we all love our luscious ginger locks, the weather is about to (possible) get too hot for having it hanging down on our shoulders all day.

To help you through the months of melting, this top-knot bun is a cute look that you can easily achieve (we’re talking three minutes, max). So when you’re rushing around because you’re late for brunch with your friends, keep this hair do in mind!



Hair tie

Bobby pins / hair grips


Hair tutorial:

1. Gather your hair in a ponytail on the very top of your head, but more closer to your forehead than a usual ponytail.


2. On the final twist of the ponytail, make a loop and leave some hair spilling out the bottom.


3. Wrap the extra hair around the bun and pin with bobby pins. You can pin down any part of the loop part of the bun as well to get the look you like!

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And that’s it! You’re done! An easy on-the-go bun for your red hair to enjoy.



By Emily


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