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…except there is a carrot. If that counts (it doesn’t).

The Unicode Consortium, the organisation that sets the bar for new and existing emoji characters, has released a new batch of emoji to be added in June 2016.

The 38 characters have been selected for reasons such as compatibility usage, popular requests, and filling the gaps in the current set of Unicode emoji. These include an avocado, a clown face, a shrug, a wilted flower, and (of course) Mother Christmas. But, once again, no redheads.

Sure, there’s a carrot, and even a fox face, but haven’t these people been listening to us? WE WANT GINGER EMOJI.

Ginger Parrot has previously contacted Unicode regarding our mission to get a redhead emoji added, and they told us:

The Unicode Consortium does not supply icons or images. We publish a text encoding standard. Our code charts are actually black-and-white. The color icons used on phones and so forth are supplied by platform vendors, so you would really need to engage with them (e.g., Apple or Google) regarding all issues of how the emoji characters are represented in a color environment.

We took this heavy blow on the chin, realising that getting in contact with Apple with our proposal was our next battle. But despite what Unicode originally told us, it now transpires that they have other thoughts. The organisation recently published a report on how emoji regulation works, with a nod towards hair shade selection:

As to hair color, dark hair tends to be more neutral, because people of every skin tone can have black (or very dark brown) hair—however, there is no requirement for any particular hair color. One exception is PERSON WITH BLOND HAIR, which needs to have blond hair regardless of skin tone.

All we know is, we won’t stop until our mission is realised. Ginger Parrot’s Change.org petition has sped past the 10,000 mark, so our next step is to approach Apple and Unicode with our proposition, and keep gathering signatures, too!


Learn more about emoji and how they’re selected and chosen, visit Yahoo! News.

[Image: Unicode Consortium]

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