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Beauty: How To Rock Ginger Ombre Hair

Beauty: How To Rock Ginger Ombre Hair


Genevieve has got ginger attitude. She’s sassy and quirky, and we just adore her and her ginger ombre hair.

And despite not being a natural redhead, we love Genevieve’s commitment to having fun with dyed ginger hair, and experimenting with the ombre hair trend.

Ginger ombre hair is a great way to experiment with different shades of red and orange, and as we didn’t want to miss out on all the fun, we asked Genevieve’s hair stylist Marcy Harmon how to get her ginger ombre hair…


How to do it:

1. Pre-lighten from the mid-length to the ends with something like Wella Blondor Bleach Powder.

2. Next is the fun part! I make up around three bowls of Goldwell direct dye – red, orange and yellow. I always use the direct dye because it’s long-lasting, a good liquidy consistency, and saturates well.

3. Use long foils and take horizontal sections starting over the ear. I usually start with yellow on the ends then move up to orange and then red closer to the root.


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Top tip: Use dry shampoo to take care of your new high maintenance ginger ombre hair.


Check out Genevieve’s latest single, ‘Colors’ at


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