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Halloween Costumes For Gingers: Tauriel in ‘The Hobbit’

You’re feisty and red-haired, so we’re not surprised that you want to know how to dress up as kick-ass ginger elf Tauriel, as played marvellously by Evangeline Lilly in The Hobbit trilogy.

Ever since the second film of the series, The Desolation of Smaug, came out in 2013, we have been obsessed with redheaded elf Tauriel, partly for her kick-ass ninja-like moves, but also for her luscious long ginger hair.

In the movie, we got to see the (dyeing) redhead’s fighting abilities as she fought Orcs as the head of the Mirkwood Eleven Guard alongside dreamy Orlando Bloom as Legolas.

With fierce red hair, pretty and intricate leather armour, and lovely green clothing, we know there is nothing that Tauriel can’t do.

So it makes perfect sense for every redhead to dress up as Tauriel this Halloween!

Here are the essential items you will need to complete your Halloween costume, from head to toe…


Find a knee-length green dress with long sleeves. If your dress is too short, you can always wear brown leggings under it, and tuck them into your boots.

Tauriel is pretty conservative around the chest area. In the movie, her dress looks velvet, but we like the nice lace detail on this dress.


Topshop: £32

Corset time! A nice leather one, or satin – brown in colour. This one suits nicely (pun intended).


Corset Deal: Was $60, Now $38

Arm guards are necessary for close-contact knife fighting. Get some brown ones to match your corset.


Etsy: from £31.99

As you’ll be fighting Orcs, you’ll need a knife to fight back with! Replica, of course!


Etsy: from £42.81

Finally, finish off your look with some knee-high riding boots. Elves run A LOT, and need to have comfortable shoes that also blend in with the elements.


Forever 21: $32.80


Because we’ve only mentioned it a few times already, we should tell you that the best part of Tauriel’s costume is her glorious ginger locks, and it’s time to flaunt it!

If you’re fortunate enough to have long red hair, you can simply braid two pieces right above your ears and join them to the nape of your neck.

Next, gather hair from the top of your hair, braiding, and joining it with the braided pieces at the nape of your neck. Go for a wavy curl at the ends for the rest of your hair.

Alternatively, if you’re not as slick with a curling tong as Tauriel is with a sword, or you just don’t have enough gingerness, get a costume wig.


Finally, finish off your look with Elven pointed ears! Find easily adhesive ones and you’re a winner.


Amazon: from $7.94

There’s no need to apply too much make-up; keep it simple, it’s the Elven way. Also, no jewellery is necessary!

Now you’re ready to protect the land of Middle Earth, fight Orcs, help the Hobbits, and be a kick-ass ginger this Halloween!

By Molly

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Molly comes to us all the way from sunny California, U.S.A.! Making home movies with friends at an early age has led Molly to become a Film and TV fanatic. You can catch her yelling angrily at horror movie victims, or rewatching one of her faves, LoTR, for the 400th time.Nicknamed ‘The Mollinator’, this redhead lives for positivity, and is sure there is a correlation between her love for life and her daily coffee intake. She may have an unnatural fear of escalators, but her biggest ginger accomplishment was being called Merida by every child while working at Disney World.On a regular day, Molly can be found passionately reblogging adorable kitten gifs (ginger ones, OBVS), or staring at the ocean for the existence of mermaids and the Loch Ness monster.


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