Ginger Hair Love: The Long Hair Ponytail Illusion


Sometimes, we all wish our ginger hair was longer. If only there was a way to make it appear longer.

Well, there is! This ponytail trick is so easy and is a great illusion to make your hair longer!



2 x hair band



Hair tutorial:

1. Section your hair into two equal ponytails and secure with hair bands.


2. Optional: If your hair isn’t too thick. use the comb to backcomb your top ponytail slightly, so that it covers the bottom section.


3. Cover the bottom ponytail with the top one. And that’s it!



By Emily



This chicken nugget and lollipop lover (not together, ick) comes to us from Michigan, USA.Aside from studying Communications, Emily is a plus size model, but she still finds time to overdose on celebrity gossip in between.Emily will be applying her incessant wit and sarcasm skills to all-round redhead-friendly subjects, with motivational confectionary in hand (and mouth).

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