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Hair Tutorials: How To Get ‘American Hustle’ Hair Like Amy Adams!

Hair Tutorials: How To Get ‘American Hustle’ Hair Like Amy Adams!

While she was blessed with good textured hair, fellow ginger Amy Adams must have known that it naturally lacked one thing – the greatest hair colour in the world!

And I have to say, she completely rocks red hair!

In our new favourite movie, American Hustle, Amy’s ginger hair is so outstanding, that it could be its own character.

If you haven’t seen the movie, it’s definitely worth a watch…even if it’s just to lust after Amy’s gingery mane.

So here it is: our step-by-step hair tutorials for three of Amy Adams’ ginger disco era locks…


How To Get Amy Adams’ Fiery Voluminous Spirals

Amy Adams Volume Hair Curls - American Hustle - Ginger Parrot

Tresemme Volume Mousse

1. Start with damp hair and, depending on your texture, give a healthy dose Tresemme Volume Mousse from root to end and then flip your head over and roughly blow-dry without a brush. (Remember some heat protection spray!)

2. When it’s dry, flip your hair back over and take one-inch sections of your hair and wrap them around a curling iron, all going in the same direction away from the face. Hint: For tighter curls all over use with a curling iron that is about two pencils thick.

3. Shake out hair with your fingers to break up the curls a little. If you want to be really ’70s, leave it in the ringlets, just shaking your head a little.

4. Hairspray all over to keep things in place.


How To Get Amy Adams’ Bouncy Red Curls

Amy Adams Bouncy Curls - American Hustle - Ginger Parrot

1. Make sure your hair is completely dry, as this is when hot rollers will work best.

Hot Rollers

2. Divide hair into three sections: a middle, and both left and right. Start with the middle section, rolling and pinning each hot roller in uneven sections away from the head. Repeat this process on both sides.

Aveda Hair Spray

3. Spray each roller with hairspray (we love Aveda Control Firm Hold) to ensure that the curls set.

4. Leave rollers in hair for about 20 minutes.

5. Remove each pin and let the curls fall away from the rollers. Use your fingers to separate and fluff the curls.

6. For added hold, spray curls again with hairspray.


How To Get Amy Adams’ Ginger Beach Waves

Amy Adams Beach Waves - Americam Hustle - Ginger Parrot

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Phyto Actif Phyto Volume Spray

1. Spray damp hair with a volumising spray, such as Phyto Actif Phyto Volume Spray.

2. Blow-dry your hair using a mixed bristle brush.

3. Pick the side that you want the parting on, and then starting from the bottom and working toward the top, wrap two-inch sections of hair around a one-inch curling iron going in the same direction. Secure with hair clips to set.

4. Once hair is cool, take out the clips and brush hair out.

Elnett Hair Spray

5. Finish with some extra strong hold hair spray. Our favourite is L’Oreal Elnett Satin.


Ta da! Then, after achieving each style, grab those disco shoes and go dance the night away! You’ll have the perfect ‘70s style of ginger locks to shake while busting out the hustle on the dance floor.


By Elizabeth

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