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Health: UV Sensing Wristbands

As redheads, we’ve all made the mistake of staying out in the sun for a smidge too long. So I think it’s fair to say that we all know how important it is to reapply sun screen or when it’s time to call it quits before our skin becomes as red as our hair!

But it’s hard to know when that time is, right? Is it two hours from application? What if it’s a little cloudy outside? We just don’t know sometimes.

Alas, our prayers have been answered! Scientists in Sweden have created a technology that can fix this dilemma. Put together by Professor Andrew Mills and Dr. Michael McFarlane, formerly a part of Strathclyde University, UV dosimeter technology is being contained within wristbands that will sense when you’ve had too much UV radiation for the day.

And do you want to know the coooooolest part about this? The wristbands change colour from yellow to pink as the UV radiation increases.

How clever is that? Intellego Technologies is planning on mass-producing these wonderful wristbands for as little as 10 pence per wristband, so there will no excuse once that happy day in 2013 arrives!

The company also plans on making different kinds for people with different skin types. We just hope that gingers get a category!

Other companies have used this technology in the same way. Simplicity Health has its own version of the UV monitoring wristband already for sale. But, it costs £9.18 for 7 wristbands. Ouch.

When these cheaper wristbands come out, I know I’ll be buying bucket-loads of these. Will you?


By Sean

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