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A Ginger’s Guide to Redhead Day 2012

A Ginger’s Guide to Redhead Day 2012

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It’s only nine days until the gingers of the world turn their red heads towards a cutesy Dutch town called Breda, for the ginger event of the year, ‘Redhead Days 2012’!

So, we thought we’d let you know our list of ‘Essentials for Redhead Day’, to get you (and us) ready.

1. Red hair

Natural or dyed, or possibly a wig.

2. Green t-shirt

For the all-important Guinness Book of Records attempt for most redheads in one location for 10 minutes! They usually wear white but this year have decided on GREEN! Meet on Sunday 2 September at noon on the Grote Mark (Large Market) to walk down to Valkenbergpark for the famous group photo.

3. Sunscreen

Duhhhh. It’s been a permanent resident in my bag the past couple of months, and this weekend won’t be any different – remember your factor 50, people!

4. Camera

You’re going to want to be snapping every second of this weekend, from the Redhead Pub Crawl on Saturday night, to the group photo on Sunday! Don’t forget your charger either! *makes mental note*

5. Complimentary clothing

You already know what I’m going to say. We look damned good in green. Just remember your dancing shoes for Saturday night partying and dress to impress!

6. An open mind for lots of fun!

On the weekend’s agenda, we’ve been told that you can expect activities galore: from photo shoots to fashion shows, lectures, workshops, and more. All for free (redheads are sooo lovely)!


The Ginger Parrot Team’s Checklist (oooooh!)

We’ve been preparing for this day for a long long time, and it’s finally here! So you can bet your gorgeous red locks that we’ll be ready. We were born ready.

Ginger Parrot T-shirts

Oh yes, we’ll be there, wandering around with Scarlett, the feisty, original Ginger Parrot, emblazoned across our tees. You won’t be able to miss us!

Cameras and more cameras

As well as our digitals, we’ll be sure to bring some disposable cameras to snap on our adventures. Because let’s face it, there’s nothing more fun than a disposable camera; anything can happen, and there’s no delete button!

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Internet connection (we will find one)

Making sure everyone is kept in the loop, including those redheads who weren’t lucky enough to attend this magnificent event, we’ll be Tweeting, Facebooking, and posting articles and photos as often as we can. We won’t abandon you!

Follow us on Twitter and join us on Facebook for the ultimate Ginger experience.

Extra super-amazing stuff

Shhh, it’s a surprise! We’ll be unveiling some hidden, extra-exciting things at the festival, so you better be ready!

All things nice and gingerful

If you’re going to Redhead Day, let us know! We’ll be wandering around, so feel free to come and chat to us, and if you can’t find us anywhere, just send us a Tweet or email us so we can say ‘Hello’ to you all!


Yours gingerfully,

The Ginger Parrot Team x

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