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Those of you redheaded lovelies off on your holly-holidays this summer, I have two words of warning for you: First off, remember your SPF 50! And secondly, if you suffer from motion sickness, a simple dose of ginger could make you feel better.

Yep, we know it sounds a bit bizarre, but the ginger spice is a long-standing natural remedy known to settle stomachs.

Lots of research has been poured into how the ginger spice calms stomachs in times of motion sickness need, and it’s very mysterious. But the one thing that came out of a study was that ginger’s active compound, 6-gingerol, works by enhancing ‘gastrointestinal transport’. The less said about the better!

It’s all a bit unknown and weird; ginger’s magical powers. But, we know how great ginger is in general, so it’s not really that surprising, is it?

So, for health (and fun) reasons, we’ve compiled some examples of our favourite ginger treats for you to try, or not try. Or just consume at your leisure, I suppose. It’s up to you!


Ginger Tea


Ginger Beer




Ginger Snaps


Hmm, do the names of these ginger food stuffs bring back anyone’s mean nicknames from school? I’ve definitely been called ‘Ginger Snaps’ a few dozen times…

So, you can either use ground or root ginger, or give our favourites a whirl if you’re prone to an icky traveling tummy, and let us know if it worked for you!


By Emma

Ginger Parrot

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