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12 reasons why henna is great for red hair (and other shades)

We all know that using natural henna is a great way to dye hair to a ginger shade, as well as enhancing your existing red hair colour.

But there are tonnes of other hair benefits, too. Henna has been used as an effective haircare solution for thousands of years; it has even been discovered on the hair and beards of Egyptian mummies!

But with the introduction of more chemical-based hair products and dyes, natural haircare such as henna sits on the shelf and is overlooked by many.

The idea of henna needn’t be scary, though. Aside from using pure henna, there are everyday hair products for redheads from Gingerful containing henna that will enhance redheads’ hair shades.

From strengthening hair strands to reducing dandruff, henna can work for everyone. It’s not just for boosting or dyeing red hair; if you don’t have ginger hair, there are plenty of henna options to ensure you reap the benefits too.

(However, if you do have ginger hair, then we should rename this article ’13 Reasons Why Henna Is Great’. But 13 is just unlucky, so we’ll stick with 12)


1. Strengthens hair by TWO TIMES

When applied as part of a paste or general hair product, henna covers hair strands all over, encasing the root and strengthening it to twice its natural thickness by locking the essential moisture in the hair.

2. Repairs damage

All the day-to-day chemical products we use can impose a lot of rubbish on to our poor locks. Henna is a simple and all-natural ingredient, so continued use repairs damage from other elements, including air pollution and heat damage from straighteners and blow-drying.

3. Reduces dandruff

Dandruff is technically a fungal infestation (ewww, sorry), and with its anti-fungal properties, henna neutralises the scalp, which can become irritated and flaky after using chemical dyes or products.

Henna strengthens the skin, and is great for those with sensitive skin and dermatitis, too.

4. Conditions and softens hair

When the henna formula covers hair from root to tip, it forms a protective layer around each and every strand, ensuring that all moisture is locked in and able to defend itself from chemical nasties and air pollution.

Think of henna as a protective shield against evil forces.

5. Promotes hair growth

Many of us yearn for long red hair, similar to Ariel and Princess Merida, and henna can help. Antibacterial and anti-fungal properties mean that your hair is protected, healthier and free to grow to its heart’s content.

6. Thickens and volumises

Similar to promoting growth, hair strands can thicken through use of henna, giving a more volumised effect. Which is pretty great if you’re a redhead, as we’re said to have fewer hair strands atop our heads than blonde and brunette shades.

7. Reduces hair shedding

All of the above translates more great things for hair. Henna has been proven to radically reduce the amount of moulting and shedding. So there will be far fewer incidences of tears followed by, “I’m losing all of my lovely hair!”

8. Prevents baldness

As we grow older, it’s inevitable to expect hair loss. Through age, hair follicles become damaged and close up for all eternity, so at the very least, we can all expect hair thinning.

But henna is proven to be effective as preventing baldness, but strengthening the hair follicle, and protecting it from damage.

9. Glossy, natural shine

The natural herbal ingredients of henna adds a natural shine and gloss to your hair, making it brighter and more multi-tonal in colour, too.

10. Reduces excess grease

With its ability to balance the hair and scalp’s natural acid and alkaline levels, henna cleanses and protects the scalp, preventing excess grease production in your hair follicles.

11. Smoothens dry and frizzy hair

With all the above superpowers of moisturising, protecting, strengthening and softening, henna works wonders on wiry and unruly strands of hair that just want to frizz out on you.

The hair strands are stronger and healthier, which is excellent for frizz control for those with dry hair and scalp.

12. Straightens out curls (maybe)

Depending on the hair’s curliness, regular use of henna may cause a slight drop in tightness of curls. This relates to the increased strength of strands and follicles that henna boosts.

Henna shampoo and conditioner hair products for redheads are available at www.gingerfulhair.com or the Ginger Parrot Store.

For tips on how to dye your hair using henna, read our 10-Step Guide To Using Henna.

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