Why conditioner is more important than shampoo for redheads

As beautiful as natural red hair is, it can be incredibly coarse (c’mon, we can’t have everything). There are no two ways about it; each ginger strand is fragile, has the tendency for frizz, and needs to be treated with extra care.

Combine that fact with the realisation that gingers actually have fewer (albeit, thicker) follicles on their red heads, and you may suddenly become very protective of your rare and delicate gingerness.

Over-washing your red hair is one of the main culprits for drying out your locks and encouraging the coarseness, particularly if you are using hair products that contain sulfates and silicones. Of course, it may be tempting to wash your hair every day, but excess shampooing dries out your red hair quicker, particularly if they contain harsh chemicals.

If you can help it, space out your shampoo sessions to every three days. This may feel like too long for some of you, and if so, invest in some dry shampoo on your non-washing days, or just rinse and condition on your off days.

In addition, switch up your shampoo to a better quality, gentler shampoo. A sulfate-free and silicone-free shampoo will be less harsh on your red hair, meaning you should feel the need to shampoo less frequently, too. Reading the ingredients on your shampoo bottle is vital: products without sulfates and chemical nasties is what you want (these exist, by the way – phew!).

Redheads’ hair saviour is conditioner. While other hair shades may condition their locks less frequently, conditioner is more important for gingers to help to counter the coarseness of their red hair.

Invest in a high quality, moisture-rich conditioner to keep the frizz at bay, and use a deep conditioner or hair mask once a week, too. A leave-in conditioner is also a great way to keep your hair shining and bright between washes.

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