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'The Redhead' T-Shirt

Unisex vintage black t-shirt in 'The Redhead' tarot card print
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Often described as majestic and unique, there's something magical about a redhead, wouldn't you say? Let 'The Redhead' tarot card t-shirt spread this air of mystery!

This semi-fitted tee comes in vintage black and has been created by our friends at Redhead Revolution. It is made of super-soft cotton, and is screen-printed with a redhead sitting with her flowing fiery locks on a sliver of the moon.

Available in unisex sizes as follows:
X-small: Length: 27" / Width: 16.5"
Small: Length: 28" / Width: 18"
Medium: Length: 29" / Width: 20"
Large: Length: 30" / Width: 22"
XL: Length: 31" / Width: 24"
XXL: Length: 32" / Width: 26"
XXXL: Length: 33" / Width: 28"

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