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How To Use Carrots To Boost Red Hair (Yes, Really)


Because we’re keen on keeping things au naturelle, whenever we hear about/conjure up/stumble across/experiment with new ways to boost our ginger hair colour, us redheads get a little excited.

Aside from henna being the god of all natural ways to enhance and dye red hair (and the key ingredient to our natural hair products for redheads), it’s said that all the lovely gingerful foods of the world, like cranberry juice, beetroot and our ginger pals, carrots, can be used in such a way to bring out the red tones in your hair.

Below are two methods of using our best buds carrots to help with our lifelong ambition to become even more ginger.

Of both methods, we recommend the hair mask to add more flame to the fire – the natural yoghurt’s lactic acid works with the carrots to penetrate the hair strands, allowing the copper colours to seep in and become brighter.

And the honey is just a nice way to hydrate your hair, and smells yummy too.

How to Boost Red Hair with Carrots

Ingredients for hair mask:

3 medium or large carrots

3 tbsp natural yoghurt

2 tbsp honey

Optional: Half a cup of cranberries – great for copper tones


1. Finely chop and blend carrots and cranberries into a paste

2. Add yoghurt and honey and mix well

3. Apply mask to freshly shampooed hair

4. Leave to ‘marinate’ for 1-2 minutes, or slightly longer if you’re really keen to achieve deep gingerness

5. Rinse, and apply a leave-in conditioner to help the staying power of the colour

6. Repeat as necessary!

Alternatively, you can use a simple rinse of carrot juice instead…


1. Wash your hair as normal

2. Rinse your hair generously with carrot juice – the higher concentrate the better. About one carton should be fine, but depends on how much hair you have

3. Comb carrot juice through your hair

4. Leave to ‘marinate’ for…

– 30 minutes (if you have a lighter, strawberry blonde shade of hair)

– 45 minutes (if you have a mid-shade of red hair)

– 1 hour (if you have deep ginger hair)

5. Rinse, and apply a leave-in conditioner to help the staying power of the colour

6. Repeat as necessary!

Of course, if this is too sticky for you, there are Gingerful’s hair products for redheads that have a much brighter effect! Also available from the Ginger Parrot Store.

By Emma

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