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How to enhance your red hair colour

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a natural or dyed redhead, having enhanced ginger shade is key. No redhead wants to start seeing faded red hair!

Of all hair shades, red is the hardest to maintain and keep looking vibrant and boosted, but we like to think that it’s all worth the effort in the end, because you have the greatest hair colour on the planet.

Here are our top tips for keeping your red hair boosted to the max, and stopping the dreaded fade.

Henna, the goddess of gingerness

Most people are wary of using henna, largely because the substance is a permanent dye when used in its purity. But actually, natural henna has heaps of beauty benefits for your hair. It was even dubbed ‘the safest hair colour in the world’ by Lush.

Pure henna has been used for centuries to boost red hair and dyed hair ginger. Depending on the amount, purity, length of application and shade of the henna you use, you will achieve different colour-boosting or dyeing effects on your hair.

From using pure henna (the messy way) to regular washes with henna shampoos and conditioners for redheads (the easy way – see Gingerful’s henna hair products for redheads), both natural and dyed gingers can benefit from using henna on their red hair.

Henna is great for improving the condition of your hair, too!

Rinsing with cranberry juice


Yes, it’s sticky. But if you’re looking for a quick fix to boost your red hair colour, try a couple of rinses of cranberry juice to add a bit of shine and shade to your hair. Just watch out for wasps.

A carrot hair mask


Similar to cranberry juice, the orangey colour of carrots can be used to concoct a natural cocktail of gingerness. Yes, we’re being serious!

Cool rinsing

Red hair

You’ve probably heard this one, but it’s not an old wives tale – rinsing your hair with cool water after washing really works.

Warm water opens the hair’s cuticle to allow hair products to wash more effectively, but cold water helps to close the cuticle to seal in moisture from your conditioner, helping your hair look shinier, brighter and healthier overall (and if you’re a dyeing redhead, helps preserve your colour, too).

Hair gloss

Hair is at its shiniest when the strand cells lay flat, allowing light to reflect off them more. As a deep conditioning treatment, hair gloss helps with this, by closing the hair and its cuticle really tight.

Those with damaged hair or wanting more moisture and shine should use a hair gloss every 4-6 weeks. Check out our list of top 10 gloss treatments for red hair.

Got any other colour-boosting tips? Let us know!

By Emma

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Henna-infused shampoo and conditioner for redheads