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TV show ‘Duncanville’, the life of an awkward redhead

TV show ‘Duncanville’, the life of an awkward redhead

How many times have your heard someone say “in the current situation” recently? Well, you’re about to hear it again.

In the current situation, we all want more TV to distract us from…the current situation. Luckily new animated show Duncanville is here to supply that demand.

Out now in the US on Fox, and out tomorrow (27 March) in the UK on Channel 4, Duncanville follows the life of Duncan, a 15-year-old ginger kid going through all the awkwardness teenagers go through. He has a rich imagination which we regularly see in each scene, cutting from normality to fantasy and back again.

Duncanville is created by Simpsons writers plus comedian and actor Amy Poehler who actually voices Duncan herself.

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Check out the Duncanville theme song below! And check it out for some much-needed distraction from…the current situation.

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