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She may be leading the Game of Thrones but dyeing redhead Sophie Turner isn’t letting that hold her back, as she stars in the next edition of the X-Men series in this year’s Dark Phoenix.

The film relays the early days of Marvel character Jean Grey, as she discovers her powers and learns to handle them, turning into her Dark Phoenix persona.

The gingerness doesn’t end there. Dark Phoenix actually has quite a healthy dashing of red hair on the whole, as Jennifer Lawrence once again appears as red-haired Mystique, while the villain of the piece is played by natural redhead Jessica Chastain. Admittedly, however, she won’t actually be ginger for the role. Shame, but who needs another ginger villain? Let’s stick to the hero roles.

Dark Phoenix is out on 7 June 2019. Check out the trailer below!


[Image: Fox]


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