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Coming soon: ‘Child’s Play’ Chucky reboot

Depicting redheads as being villains isn’t a new thing. It’s been the case for decades, nay centuries, so why break a habit of a lifetime?

The evil Chucky doll is no different. He terrorised the world back in 1988, through the 90s and 00s and guess what – he’s back again in 2019, ready to terrorise mankind once more.

This time, Chucky has a futuristic twist. Created by fictional tech corporation Kaslan, the doll creepily scans its owners with a red light before playtime, but everything else about him is the same, down to his overalls and red hair.

Also, either accidentally or completely on purpose (we think the latter), Child’s Play will hilariously be released in cinemas on the same day as Toy Story 4, which is 21 June in the US, yet to be confirmed for the UK.

Check out the trailer below (if you dare)…!


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