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Ginger of the Year 2020

Addison was nominated by her grandmother, Melody, who told us why she thinks Addi should be Ginger of the Year…

Addi is an amazing 11-year-old who has already experienced tragedy in her life. On February 29, 2016, Addi lost her older brother, Rhiley, to suicide. One would think that being a ginger would generate more than enough ribbing/bullying in school but add to that, taunting about a lost sibling, one who everyone knows died by suicide, and you have a much greater level of suffering.

Addi has managed to maintain her kindness and her fun-loving spirit in the shadow of her brother’s suicide. Addi’s parents lost a child, there is no greater tragedy. They struggle daily to make sure Addi knows she is loved, she is strong and that she will have a good life.

Addi’s Gramma (her name for me) and her Papa are both gingers (now in silver mode) so we know the challenges she faces. We think Addi is amazing, and her gorgeous ginger halo makes her even more special. 

Addison has also carried the banner for RHILEY’S RAIDERS the last three years. We walk to raise awareness and to help prevent suicide through the AFSP (American Foundation for Suicide Prevention). She and her cousins are part of our very large ‘team’ who raise money and bring attention to this very important cause. To date we have raised over $10,000 for suicide prevention through education and awareness.

Nice work, Addison! Well deserved!

More information on Ginger of the Year 2020:

All great achievements should be appropriately rewarded, so we’re on the hunt for Ginger of Year 2020!

Do you know a redhead who has shown tremendous ginger pride this year? Have they been especially vocal about their love of their ginger hair, or have they stuck up for a fellow red-haired pal in front of a bully?

2020 welcomes our third ever Ginger of the Year Award, in association with our friends at Kidscape.

We’re looking for stories of exceptional ginger pride to win this highly coveted achievement. Entrants can be anyone of any age and from any country (but must have red hair, of course), with an uplifting gingerful story to tell.

To nominate someone to win Ginger of the Year 2020, email hello@gingerparrot.co.uk with a photo of the nominee along with why they should win this high honour (the more detail the better).

**Nominations are now closed**