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RED HOT "Allstars" 2021 Calendar

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Looking for your next ginger boyfriend? Of course you are – red-haired men are fiery, eye-catching, and, above all, red hot.

Allow the latest RED HOT calendar to help you select your new favourite redhead (because you can never have too many).

Now in its ninth year, Thomas Knights' Red Hot can always be counted on to take us away from it all, one scantily-clad ginger man at a time.

Easily distracting us from TV/work/oncoming traffic, the 2021 ‘Allstars’ edition promises to put us in permanent holiday mode with sunsets, palm trees, beaches and summer, summer, summer. And don’t forget those 12 ginger male models, too, who have been selected as some of the most popular characters from previous Red Hot calendars. Sizzling!

Often teased, ridiculed and even bullied, redheads get a lot of flack just for being the human version of unicorns. Well, no more. At least, not if photographer Thomas Knights has anything to say about it.

Thanks to Thomas's continually popular RED HOT project, with its exhibitions, books, calendars and more, the world is becoming more and more aware that ginger hair rocks (and quite rightly, too).

The Red Hot 2021 "Allstars" calendar celebrates every element of being a red-haired man, showcasing athletic bodies, handsome faces, fun-loving personalities, and even fiery red pubic hair.


Since 2013, Thomas Knights has been challenging the 'ugly' and 'geeky' ideologies that is so often used in the press to depict ginger men.

Previous RED HOT calendars

Redefining red-haired men and how gingers are perceived in society, RED HOT has already raised more than £62,000 for various charities, with the latest round of proceeds going to the Terrence Higgins Trust, whose mission is to end the transmission of HIV in the UK.

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Each calendar is spiral bound, A3 size: 29.7 x 42cm

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