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Mascara + Lipstick Bundle For Redheads

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**Bundle saving: you save 14% by buying this bundle!**

About Gingerlash Mascara For Redheads:

Created with the 2% in mind (because we're extra-special), the Gingerlash mascara by Redhead Revolution understands that redheads don't have black or even dark-coloured eyelashes. In fact, their eyelashes may even seem downright invisible at times.

Seeing as no two ginger hair shades are the same, Gingerlash is the same, offering up two variations to choose from (see gallery):

Genuine Ginger:
warm light brown with red tint (for light to medium ginger hair shades)
Honest Auburn: reddish brown auburn (for medium to dark ginger hair shades

Gingerlash is happily smudge-proof and water-resistant, offering some yummy beauty perks, including conditioning, strengthening and growth-encouraging benefits.

There are no parabens, fragrances or dyes either. It's totally cruelty-free, too.

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About Color Wash Lipstick For Redheads:

Finding a lip colour that suits you goes further than your skin tone – your hair colour contributes to matchability, too. And as a redhead, finding that perfect shade can be a struggle, so Redhead Revolution did the legwork.

The result? Four redhead-friendly lipstick shades that have been created specifically with gingers in mind. Not only do the lipstick shades suit redheads, but they're designed to be extra-soothing, hydrating, protecting and moisturising, too. The formula is cruelty-free, paraben-free, infused with vitamin E, and would you believe it, it even contains SPF 8. Just right for sun-shy redheads.

Available in the following shades (see gallery):

Demure: pink nude
Girl Next Door: pink coral
Au Natural: peach coral
Bitten: mauve with hint of gold shimmer

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