Photography of Redheads, Gingers & Red Hair


Being pioneers of ‘All Things Nice and Gingerful’, we wanted to prove to you just how seriously we take our commitment (aren’t we nice?).

From flowers to cows, we’re constantly on the hunt for beautiful ginger goodness!


Red Hot 2: Photography To Celebrate Pale Skin and Freckles Of Natural Redheads

RED-HOT2Those of you who have been following the Red Hot project go from strength to strength these past few years will be excited to learn that it is BACK! 2016 will be all about Red Hot 2 – and this time, things are changing. With more of a focus on pale skin and freckles on redheads … Read More »

Photography: Take Part in 'I Collect Gingers' World Archive of Redheads

Grid490Gingers_LRTrying to collect and calculate the world’s redheads is one hefty job. But someone’s got to do it, and that someone is renowned South African artist Anthea Pokroy, creator of ‘I collect gingers’. I collect gingers began in 2010 when Anthea set out on a mission to photograph, interview and catalogue 500 natural redheads, which resulted in … Read More »

Exclusive Interview: RED HOT Guys

Since 2012, Thomas Knights’s RED HOT project has been changing the world. We’re not exaggerating – his photography of RED HOT ginger men (and now women, too!) has spread like wildfire, raising money for UK charity Anti-Bullying Alliance and turning the idea of ginger being ‘ugly’ on its head. And quite rightly so. If there … Read More »

Photography: 'MC1R' Collection Showing Ginger Diversity

Michelle-Marshall-MC1R-3Being pale is a trait that most people expect redheads to have. But what if they don’t? For one, perhaps they need less sunscreen. London-based photographer Michelle Marshall has explored the beauty of redheads of different races in her latest project, ‘MC1R’. MC1R (melanocortin 1 receptor) is the recessive ‘ginger gene’ that mutates and gives us … Read More »

Photography: The Redhead Project

Molly-Project-RedheadScrolling through #ginger on Instagram (as redheads regularly do, right?), I came across the ‘Redhead Project‘. Gingers posing in simple white shirts to highlight their gorgeous ginger hair, and another shot of them to portray their personality: flowers, wine or playing a guitar. The idea is inspired. I had never before seen such a cool … Read More »

Photography: 'Freckles' Collection of Redheads and Their Natural Beauty

Maja-Topcagic-Freckles-Redheads-flowersIf you’re a natural redhead, you’ll likely know the beautiful wonders of freckles and how they will forever be ‘your version of a tan’. And it seems that the world is starting to catch up with our view on freckles and their cuteness, with some people actually painting on freckles! Photographer Maja Topcagic Has noticed, … Read More »

Store: RED HOT 2016 Boys and Girls Calendars

After two years of RED HOT success of spreading the ginger love around red-haired men, Thomas thought it was high time that redheaded women were recognised for their awesomeness, too. Which is why, in addition to the RED HOT Guys 2016 Calendar, he delivers to the world RED HOT Girls for the first time. So, … Read More »

Sneak Peek of RED HOT Guys 2016 Calendars!

Red-Hot-Guys-20161If there was ever any doubt about redheads not being sexy, Thomas Knights’s RED HOT has changed all that. The world is better place for it, too. So, carrying on his wonderful work for gingerkind, here’s a sneak peek of the 2016 calendar! Your eyes aren’t deceiving you; those are semi-naked redheaded men right there. One … Read More »

Sneak Peek of RED HOT Girls 2016 Calendars!

Red-hot-girls-2Often teased, ridiculed and even bullied, redheads get a lot of flack just for being the humanised version of unicorns. Well, no more. At least, not if photographer Thomas Knights has anything to say about it. Thanks to Thomas’s continually popular RED HOT project, with its exhibitions, books and calendars of semi-naked ginger men (calm … Read More »

Ginger Parrot Interviews Creator of 'Put A Rang On It'

If you ever wondered how awesome non-redheaded celebrities would look if they had ginger hair (answer: very), then look no further than Put A Rang On It. Uploading photos of famous faces edited with red hair and freckles, Put A Rang On It is just another reason for non-redheads to come over to the ginger side. … Read More »




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