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'Gingers Have Souls' Redhead AKA Mikey Kittrell Releases 'Gingerbread' Music Video

Ginger Have Souls Kid Gingerbread Music Video

Mikey Kittrell, the natural redhead who is otherwise known as the ‘Gingers Have Souls‘ kid or ‘The Angry Ginger Kid’, has released a hip hop song.

You might think that we’re joking, and that this is some sort of April Fools’ joke, but April 1st is long in the...Read More »

Coming Soon: Ed Sheeran, X


Okay, so we all know that Ed Sheeran is on fire right now in the music industry (in more ways than one) and excitement is buzzing among Sheeran fans worldwide as we eagerly await the release of his second studio album, ‘X’.

The ginger musician has already released a single...Read More »

Music Review: Katy B, 'Little Red'

Katy B - Little Red Review

After what felt like an eternity of eagerly awaiting the release of Katy B’s second studio album ‘Little Red,’ I was finally able to get my hands on it on 3rd February.

If I’m entirely honest, I wasn’t overly successful in containing my squeals of excitement while the album was downloading...Read More »

Music: Paloma Faith's 'Can't Rely On You'

Paloma Faith - Can't Rely On You

Paloma Faith is waving the ginger flag once again, in the official video for her latest single, ‘Can’t Rely On You’.

Alas, this video is most notable to us, as it’s the last of Paloma’s bright gingerness to caught on camera (for now).

She recently turned to the blonde side, which we’re...Read More »

Music Review: Orla Gartland's EP, 'Roots'

Orla Gartland - Roots EP

We’re always eagerly anticipating hearing more from the extremely talented (and, of course, fiery-haired) Irish singer-songwriter Orla Gartland. And it seems almost sinful that we haven’t yet shared the release of her new EP, ‘Roots,’ with fellow members of the gingerverse, but here it is.

Orla released ‘Roots’ in November...Read More »

Ginger Music: Orla Gartland

Orla Gartland Selfie

From the first glance upon one of Orla Gartland’s many many selfies, you instantly want to put her in your pocket.

Cute, quirky, well-dressed, and ginger, it’s not hard to fall in love with her.

And wait till you hear her sing. As young as 18, the Irish girl has a...Read More »

Who Wants to be in our Ginger Girl Band?

Ginger Girl Band

Call us crazy but we’re setting up a ginger girl band. Actually, don’t call us crazy, because it’s a BRILLIANT idea.

Who wants to join us? You need to be able to sing of course, be female (sorry lads), aged 18-30 and have natural ginger hair. X-Factor 2014 is already chanting...Read More »

Ten Songs About Redheads You Have To Hear

‘Fell in Love With a Girl’ by The White Stripes

Red hair with a curl
Mellow roll for the flavour
And the eyes were peeping
Can’t keep away from the girl
These two sides of my brain
Need to have a meeting


Read More »

Music: Red Roots, Ginger Triplets!

Red Roots band

One solitary redhead stands out from the crowd but THREE WHOLE REDHEADS? And identical triplets at that?! Mind-blowing.

But that’s how lucky Nika, Natalie, and Nicole have been with their genes, who each make up a third of Red Roots, a Christian Country band from Nashville.

With a Christian upbringing, the girls’...Read More »

Ginger Music: Chlöe Howl, 'No Strings'

Chloe Howl

It’s official: we’ve found the song of summer 2013. And the best part is that it’s performed by a natural ginger, but that didn’t really surprise you.

Meet Chlöe Howl, a freckly and proud redhead with a pixie haircut. She has released a few tracks so far, but her latest...Read More »


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