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Music Review: Ed Sheeran, 'Divide'

We, as the ginger society, have often dreamed of the redheaded overlord who will step up to represent our community when the revolution arrives and the rest of the world has to once and for all acknowledge our superiority within the human race (…just me? Never mind). And I think...Read More »

Ginger Ed Sheeran Emojis To Celebrate The Brit Awards 2017

The worldwide population of redheads may not have a ginger emoji yet (ahem, Apple, we’re waiting), but Ed Sheeran is paving the way for us:

This little emojified Ed Sheeran has been created for Twitter to celebrate the upcoming Brit Awards 2017.

Try it for yourself! Type out #EdSheeranBRITS in...Read More »

Susan Sarandon Stars in Justice's New Track 'Fire'


Susan Sarandon fans, rejoice! The classy redhead has yet again failed to disappoint as she stars oh-so coolly in the music video for Justice’s new track, ‘Fire’.

Anyone else get excited that the song’s title? Us too! It’s only too fitting for Sarandon’s flame-coloured ginger hair!

The video itself is all very...Read More »

Music: Watch Emma Stone in Will Butler's Music Video, 'Anna'

Talented lady as she is, Emma Stone can do everything. An incredible actor, she’s also beautiful, hilarious and makes a delightful dyeing redhead for us to adopt as one of our own on Team Ginger.

But who knew that Emma Stone was so amazing at dancing? We didn’t, until now!

She stars...Read More »

Ed Sheeran Launches New Record Label 'Gingerbread'!

Left to right: Meghan (Bass), Kendra (Guitar and Lead Singer), LaRae (Banjo), Alisa (Fiddle and Mandolin)

With the rarity of red hair in the world currently residing at less than 2%, families of gingers are hard to come by. When we see one, we stop right in our...Read More »

The 10 Best Ginger Hairstyles of 2014


As predicted by our team of experienced analysts (AKA Ginger Parrot Team), ginger hair climbed higher and higher up the tree of awesomeness throughout 2014.

Red hair continues to proves to the world that being different and standing out from the crowd is something to be seriously proud of, and is...Read More »

Music Review: Jenny Lewis, 'The Voyager'


RED ALERT! Our new favourite ginger singer/songwriter is Jenny Lewis, a former child star (yep, she’s that chick in Pleasantville) from Las Vegas with waist-length auburn locks, who now wields a guitar and croons acid tongued lyrics while trussed up in a rainbow patterned trouser suit.

Formerly of indie’s sweethearts, Rilo...Read More »

Music Review: La Roux, 'Trouble In Paradise'

La Roux Trouble in Paradise

OK, so I think it’s safe to say that we all love a bit of La Roux (which directly translates to ‘red-haired one’ in French, by the way) to get us up and moving.

The ginger goddess had a lot of synth-pop vibes going on in her debut...Read More »

Music Review: Ed Sheeran, 'X'

IT’S FINALLY HERE. Yes, I am a bit late in writing a review of my favourite ginger singer/songwriter’s second studio album – but that’s because I haven’t been able to stop hitting the replay button on my iTunes and knuckle down at the keyboard long enough to spit out more...Read More »


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