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Ginger of the Year 2019

Cheryle was nominated by her friend, Laura, who told us why she thinks Cheryle should be Ginger of the Year…

Cheryle has just completed an absolute smasher of her “Year of No Fear 2019”, challenging herself to get out of her comfort zone by doing something that terrifies her each month throughout the year, all in an effort to raise awareness and end the stigma behind mental health. This subject is very important to both Cheryle and myself having lost family members to suicide.

Not only has Cheryle been a fierce warrior and put herself out on the line partaking in some scary projects (I mean stripping off to crowds at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is up there!), but she has continued to be an amazing single mum to her two little ginger people Conor and Charlotte, who she adores.

Nice one, Cheryle!

We received many nominations for Ginger of the Year 2019, so we’d like to give some honourable mentions to the following people and stories…

Katherine Ann Hemmings

Katherine was nominated by multiple people, but her sister Julia said it best. She told us:

“Katherine has gone through hell of being bullied, she was knocked over when she was in infant school which caused her two front teeth to be knocked out. Somehow she has come out of it stronger and is such an inspiration to me. She’s so driven to make her life better and to show the world that ginger people deserve the same respect as any other person. She’s a beautiful person inside out and I couldn’t be more proud to call her my sister.

“She’s been so passionate and has worked so hard on her Being Ginger comic book, taken from real-life stories and inspiration. “

Fiona Gregory

Fiona was nominated by her sister who told us that Fiona has had a few hard years due to very traumatic personal events. To keep her spirits up she designed the above t-shirt herself. As a child Fiona was teased at school for being ginger but never let the bullies get her down and stay proud of her red hair.

Grace Coppins

Grace is a natural redhead and told us her story…

“I live in a town with basically no other ginger people, so I feel like the odd one out. A lot of people like to stare at my hair and younger people like to make fun and laugh. This happens especially at school. But I don’t let it get to me.

“I let them know I’m ginger and proud with comebacks and a flick of my orange locks. I let them know I’m proud to be different and a few words aren’t gonna change that. No matter what, I’ll always stand proud with my ginger locks.”

More information on Ginger of the Year 2019:

All great achievements should be appropriately rewarded, so here’s Ginger of the Year 2019!

Do you know a redhead who has shown exceptional ginger pride this year? Have they been especially vocal about their love of their ginger hair, or have they stuck up for a fellow red-haired pal in front of a bully?

2019 welcomes our second ever Ginger of the Year Award, in association with our friends at Kidscape.

We’re looking for stories of exceptional ginger pride to win this highly coveted achievement of gingerness. Entrants can be anyone of any age and from any country (but must have red hair, of course), with an uplifting gingerful story to tell.

**Nominations are now closed**