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Ginger Juniors

Despite receiving endless compliments from family members and general passers-by, growing up with ginger hair is not always easy.

But at only 2% of the world’s population, redheads are extremely special, and the earlier that little gingers realise that, the better.

Individuality is something you can’t fake, and with redheads you are given that gift at birth, so you can use it to form your identity throughout life.

Growing up with ginger hair can be tough, at a time when you just want to blend in. But it’s when you get older that everyone wants to be different, which is why red hair is so cool!

Ginger Juniors brings you the best news, information and general ginger awesomeness, aimed for those aged up to 16, and for parents who want to help their ginger kids embrace their red hair.

From learning about the ancient history of red hair to finding out the reason why redheads are called ‘Ginger’, from red hair tutorials, to anti-bullying advice from the Anti-Bullying Alliance, Ginger Parrot’s Ginger Junior section is an all-encompassing hub of ginger pride, and a helping hand for when you’re growing up as a redhead.