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Summer hairstyles to sweep red hair back to keep cool

Summer hairstyles to sweep red hair back to keep cool

A key tip for keeping cool in the summer heat is your red hair. Keeping your neck cooler will help you feel less flustered and could help you cool down as the temperature creeps up. Whether you’re lounging by the pool or you’re out for the day (but remember to seek that shade!), these hairstyles are sure to beat the heat:

1. Extended ponytail: Simple yet effective, the ponytail is a go-to summer hairstyle for redheads of all ages, and is great at getting some airflow to your neck and shoulders. Here’s how to make it look longer and fuller than normal.

    2. Braided updo: Elevate your summer look with a chic braided updo. Opt for a classic French braid, fishtail braid, or Dutch braid, and secure it into a bun or topknot for a stylish and practical hairstyle that keeps your hair off your face and neck. Here’s a great one that you can turn into bunches:

    3. Beach waves: Most people have some form of wave in their hair, so embrace your natural texture with effortless beach waves. Simply spritz damp hair with a sea salt spray, scrunch it with your fingers, and let it air dry for tousled, beachy waves.

      4. Half-up, half-down: For a versatile summer hairstyle, try a half-up, half-down look that combines the best of both worlds.

        5. Low bun: Keep your hair off your neck and shoulders. Check out this easy twist effect that tidily keeps your locks tucked away. Pinning means you can control whether the look is slightly ‘undone’ or neater for more formal occasions.

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          6. Top knot: Achieve instant summer coolness with a trendy top knot.

            @katieenosbeauty Easiest top knot for long hair. ✨ #longhair #extensions #redhair ♬ How You Like That – BLACKPINK

            7. Crown braid: This look is perfect for those with especially long red hair. Use the tutorial below, or if your hair is slightly shorter, create two braids on either side of your head, then cross them over the top and secure with bobby pins for a stylish and elegant hairstyle that keeps your hair out of your face.

              @gingersnark Replying to @cloverintheheather #fourthwing #violetsorrengail #violetsorrengailhair #booktok #bookcosplay #crownbraid #crownbraidtutorial ♬ original sound – GingerSnark | Ryan Terhune

              8. Headscarf or bandana: For a quick and easy summer hairstyle (if you juse don’t have the time or effort to try any of the above), simply accessorise your red hair with a stylish headscarf or bandana. Just tie it around your head, leaving your hair down or pulling it back into a ponytail or bun. And you’re done!

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