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Autumn fashion colours for redheads

Summer has practically come to an end for us in the UK, and however optimistic you are elsewhere in the world – summer is so nearly over!

Personally, autumn is one of my favourite seasons – it means Halloween is approaching, Strictly Come Dancing will be on the tele, hot cups of coffee will be had, Christmas is around the corner, but most importantly, autumn brings layers and layers of clothing!

Yes, in autumn you can wear all of your favourite items at once – your favourite underwear, under your favourite top, under your favourite jumper, under your favourite jacket, under your favourite jacket… you get the picture. 

The autumnal palette also holds the best colour tones for redheads! Greens, browns, burnt oranges, and other earthy shades. 

But, how on EARTH should we be wearing these colours?


Emerald green, khaki, forest green and olive green are all instantly flattering as they make red hair dazzle. Stay clear of yellowy greens, especially if you have more of a pale skin tone, because the devious shade has been known to wash people out. 

Green is one of the most popular colours in the fall season, after all everything worn in autumn should fit the earthy colour palette and you can’t get more “earthy” than green!

I recommend that you incorporate one main item that is green into your outfit, and no I’m not talking about an accessory. You should find a green jacket, top, or jumper – anything that sits on your upper body and is in close proximity to your hair. 


Blue hues are also look great on redheads – especially navy and royal blue!

One fashion expert actually noted that “navy blue should be in the closet of every red-tressed woman”. 

The contrast of the blue and orange specifically makes redheads look flawless. 

You should look to wear blue in large quantities, whether that be an oversized knitted jumper, a long trench/puffer coat, or a double denim look. Doing this, you will be able to see the power that a simple blue shade has on ginger hair. 


A variety of brown shades will compliment redheads – deep browns, cinnamon shades, brown nudes, and many more. Basically, if it is brown, wear it.

Fashion experts say that brown is a great strong saturated base that allows for a nice contrast against red hair. Brown is also said to assist with bringing out the warm tones in your hair colour. 

Like green, another strong saturated base, you should opt to wear brown items that sit close to your hair – in order to really intensify that contrast and warmth!

Like, imagine an oversized brown blazer worn over a pair of blue baggy jeans – chefs kiss!

Speaking of cinnamon shades, Elizabeth Kosich, the founder of Elizabeth Kosich Styling, said: “Also referred to as British tan and cinnamon, tobacco is a powerful neutral that deepens and darkens red hair in a way that grounds it.”


Like everything in autumn, a small part of your look should be orange. Orange literally screams FALL like nothing else!

You don’t want to overshadow your already orange head of hair, so I recommend that you choose to deck yourself out in orange accessories – and a bright orange at that. 

Bright orange shoes, bags, or pieces of jewellery will not only stand out – but they will also make your red hair stand out. 

No matter what people say, PEACH TONES DO NOT LOOK GOOD, at least in my opinion anyway… 

No matter your skin colour, I have a sneaky feeling that it is impossible for peach tones to be complimentary in autumn – it is just so… bland.   

Burnt orange looks best in autumn, when worn as the main part of an outfit. Whether that be a knitted jumper or jacket, burnt orange acts in the same way that brown does on redheads – warmth, warmth, warmth!

I hope you are excited for autumn as much as we are, after all the floor practically turns ginger with all of the leaves on the floor – so why not welcome the season with open arms!

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