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A redhead’s review: Gingerful henna-infused hair products for gingers

A redhead’s review: Gingerful henna-infused hair products for gingers

Being a natural redhead, I was super excited to test-drive the new Gingerful hair products, a henna-based shampoo and conditioner. Seeing as they’re made by Ginger Parrot, I was even more excited!

My ginger hair is a fierce combination of thickness, frizz and curls, so I was curious to see how the new Henna & Rose combo would play out.

I was intrigued to find out that the products don’t have SLS or silicones in them, which means they didn’t contain any of the fake stuff. I was curious how the shampoo and conditioner would work on my red hair.

What I did

Immediately upon applying, the lovely fragrance of rose greeted me. I washed my hair once, it foamed slightly but not as much as I’m used to with my usual products.

I’ve heard that SLS-free products can be like this while they’re getting rid of product build-up out, like styling creme. So when I shampooed a second time, the lather worked up a treat and the strands were left feeling strong and smooth. I applied a generous amount of the conditioner and let it sit for about 5 minutes before rinsing in warm water.

The result

I’ve been using the Gingerful hair products for over a month now, washing and conditioning almost daily. After just one use I noticed that my usually frizzy red hair was smooth and my ginger curls seemed more bouncy.

I was worried that my hair felt dry as the conditioner isn’t as strong as the super-intense one I usually give to my demanding curls, but after a few treatments (double-shampooing and letting the conditioner sit on longer) that went away. Plus I suppose my hair needed time to adjust to a new formula, and I’ve heard that about SLS-free – there’s an adjustment period as your hair’s natural sebum levels balance out.

When I style it with product in the mornings it remains controlled which makes me super pleased! After a couple more days, I noticed how shiny my red hair was now, plus my hair also appears more red – I can attribute this to the henna doing its job.

All in all, my hair feels stronger, smoother and less frizzy. My red hair seems MORE red, and there is a nice healthy shine to it, without it being greasy. Not only that but the whole haircare experience is enhanced with stellar aromas, but what I enjoy most of all is the care that went into making a one-of-kind ginger friendly product!

Molly’s tips

  • Do a lighter wash first, then come back through with a second shampoo to really clean the hair and rid it of any product build-up of styling products, etc.
  • Let the conditioner sit on your hair longer if possible, particularly if you have dry hair. Massage it in from roots to tip.

Gingerful hair products for redheads are available from the Ginger Parrot Store or from www.gingerfulhair.com


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