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Ginger Advent Competition: Win Gingerful hair products for redheads

Redheads know only too well that “Ah, I’ve been overlooked again” feeling they search for beauty products that really ‘get’ gingers. But, no more!

Gingerful hair products boost red hair shades using the goddess of ginger haircare: henna. Containing enough to enhance existing reddish tones (natural or dyed) but without permanently dyeing strands, it’s designed exactly for what red hair craves.

Enhancement? Check. Nourishment? Yes, lots of moisture, please. The products are sulfate-free and silicone-free too, which goes a long way to helping keep those gorgeous ginger locks vibrant, shiny and protected.

As part of our Ginger Advent Calendar 2020, we’re giving away one of Gingerful’s Henna & Rose shampoo and conditioner bundles!

Competition open worldwide.

This competition is now closed.

Ginger Parrot

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