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Orange fashion for Autumn, the season of all things redhead

Orange fashion for Autumn, the season of all things redhead

As proud redheads, standing out from the crowd is our primary aim in life. Seriously, why would you want to blend in when you were born to stand out?

One of our favourite ways to make a statement is through our clothing choices. While some may say that wearing orange with ginger hair is a fashion faux-pas, we say “Oui, oui, oui!” And with autumn being the season of all things warming, orange and “I’ll have a pumpkin spice latte please”, it’s the perfect trend this season.

Whether you choose to match or clash your red hair with your clothing, it’s all in the name of showing the world your ginger pride. Here are our favourite warming autumn-friendly clothes and accessories for redheads to embrace this season.

H&M: £21

Monki: £35

ASOS: UK £35 / US $56

Monki: £5

Anthropologie: UK £148 / US $124.60

Monki: £20

Mango at Zalando: £59.99

Lazy Oaf x The Flintstones: £45

Ultamodan: £45.95

Mango: UK £49.99 / US $79.99

ASOS: UK £38 / US $60

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