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You’ll all know by now the great ginger satisfaction it is to attend a redhead event – we harp on about it enough. There are heaps that take place around the world, from Redhead Day UK in London to the Night of the Walking Red in New York, so you’re never far from your next opportunity to make ginger pals.

But the biggest ginger gathering of all is the Redhead Days in the Netherlands, which recently took place in Tilbury on 23-25 August 2019. The event always attracts thousands of redheads, plus a ton of appreciators and admirers, too.

This year, fashion label Helmut Lang attended, taking the opportunity to completely gingerfy its collection for A/W 2019 by recruiting red-haired festivalgoers to wear the designer clothing for an impromptu fashion shoot.

And what a sight it is to behold…



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“There’s beauty in everything, especially uniqueness. There’s nothing to be insecure about because being a redhead is probably one of the greatest treasures you can have.”



“The lesson really is that being different is OK and that was the whole point, that when I was a kid being different was not OK and I got teased for that. I think today it’s much easier to be different in a lot of different ways.”



The photos from the shoot are accompanied by a video directed by Alex Leese, which shows some fun parts of the festival, including the group gathering of redheads, and even the appearance of Prince Harry (sort of)!

For more information on the project and to shop the Helmut Lang A/W 2019 collection, visit helmutlang.com


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