World Orangutan Day: Free Entry to Twycross Zoo for Redheads!

Whether you’re auburn or strawberry blonde, natural, dyed (or wearing a ginger wig), redheads can enter Twycross Zoo for free on Saturday 19 August, to raise awareness of World Orangutan Day!

The internationally recognised day is all about spreading word about the endangerment of orangutans, which are highly endangered and are being pushed closer and closer towards extinction. Thousands of kilometres of rainforest are being burned down and turned into oil palm plantations, destroying orangutans’ natural habitats in the process.

Seen as pests by oil palm farmers, the animals are usually killed, or they perish in the destruction process.

Twycross Zoo World Orangutan Day

Twycross Zoo itself currently houses four Bornean orangutans, plus two new orangutan babies born earlier this year. The adults include Batu who is 28 years old, Kibriah who is 40, Maliku who is 22 and daughter of Kibriah, and Molly who is six years old and is Maliku and Batu’s daughter. The two new additions to the family are each the babies of Kibriah and Maliku.

As humans, we share 97% of our DNA with orangutans, so we should stick together on World Orangutan Day and help to spread awareness of how endangered orangutans are!

For more information on Twycross Zoo’s free entry for redheads, visit


[Image: Gillian Day]


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