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Lena Dunham’s Love Letter To Her New Dyed Red Hair

Dyeing your hair red from another colour is a truly liberating thing. With this fresh shade, these clever humans may find a new lease of life: more confidence, more colour, and more excitement.

At least that’s what Lena Dunham believes, anyway.

The naturally brown-haired writer/actress/producer published on Vogue of her experience of hitting the bottle. She writes that after wrapping on her TV show Girls, she craved to become ‘beguiling’.

She said: “Beguiling. I could use a little of that these days, if only to reintroduce myself to my own allure after an exhausting year of health issues.

“I looked in the mirror and saw a tired, fearful person; I was not the self-starting, sparks-flying dynamo I had expected to be at 31. While hair color can’t solve the problems we need to solve ourselves, it can be a catalyst. I became obsessed with the need to go red.”


“But can going red actually create an impetuous firebrand?” she continued. “I sure felt that way when, ten days after my coloring session, I awoke positive that I needed to shave my head. Not completely—I needed enough hair to remain a redhead. But close to the scalp, with a spiked peak, Annie Lennox–style.”

“It’s just like [Shirley] Manson says: ‘Red hair trickles into each crevice of your existence, coloring everything.’ My (fake) red: stronger than extinction, wittier than lowlights. I have come to light you up and turn you on, to eat you like air—dyed pillow and all.”

So, dear gingers, let this be a tale of revelation and confidence for all redheads out there, large and small, natural or dyed. Whether you choose to dye your hair red or are lucky to be a natural ginger, make the most of what makes you, as Lena says, beguiling. What makes you stand out from the crowd is something that everyone craves, and redheads are already different from everyone else. Embrace it.


Read the full article of Lena Dunham’s red hair transformation on Vogue.com

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