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Anne Shirley’s Freckles Airbrushed For Promo Poster

Love them or hate them, freckles are par for the course for natural redheads. Particularly for Anne Shirley, the famously beloved and ginger protagonist of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables.

And with Anne’s freckles being such a big part of her (and any redhead’s) identity, we thought that Netflix would’ve acknowledged, nay, celebrated, that attribute. However, instead we are faced with a somewhat Photoshopped version on the streaming service’s promotional poster.

The below images show the Canadian version of the same image (as Anne is currently shown on CBC) alongside Netflix’s offending US version.

Left: CBC for Canada audience / Right: Netflix for US audience

As you can see, Netflix’s edit has given Anne whitened teeth, vanished plenty of freckles, airbrushed her pale skin, and, what’s that? Is that a…tan?!

I think we can wonder what the rest of Gingerkind makes of this. However, regardless of this airbrushing job, we’re still super excited to be able to catch Anne in all her freckly glory from 12th May 2017. Check out the latest trailer below and the teaser here.


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