Listen: ‘Ginger Snaps’ Podcast Celebrates Redheaded Life!

At last, a podcast about redheads exists! With the popularity of podcasts growing year on year, it’s no surprise we’re at this point. Finally, we can now wile away the hours listening to the important things in life: ginger things.

The ‘Ginger Snaps’ podcast stars its creators, writer Erin La Rosa and actor Tom DeTrinis, two natural redheads who adore talking about all things ginger, which, as you can imagine, makes us extremely happy. Each episode focuses on a different theme or subject relating to red hair for Erin and Tom to discuss at length, with episodes so far titled ’99 Problems and Being a Ginger IS One’ and ‘Redheaded Sluts’.

And get ready to hear a familiar voice, because Ginger Parrot will soon feature in an interview on an upcoming ‘Ginger Snaps’ episode – stay tuned for details!


Listen to the podcast on iTunes, or


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