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Trailer: Rupert Grint In ‘Snatch’ Remake

Weasley fans, rejoice (that’ll be all of us), because Rupert Grint is back! He’s kept a low profile over the past couple of years, and even ran his own ice cream van for a while, but now he’s back doing what he does best: making us beam with ginger love in upcoming TV series, Snatch.

Red-haired Grint stars as Charlie Cavendish, a posh con-man with an accent to match, so you can wave goodbye to his usual ‘cheeky chappy’ gab, at least for now.

Based on Guy Ritchie’s film of the same name, Snatch is a series of 10 hour-long episodes following a group of hustlers that get themselves tangled up in organised crime.

Snatch can be streamed online for free from Thursday 16th March, exclusively on Crackle.


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