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It seems the human race has an otherworldly obsession with mermaids (and mermen). Particularly redheaded mermaids (why thank you, The Little Mermaid). And now, led by finstructor and redhead Virginia Hankins, you can become your own Princess Ariel by learning to become a real-life mermaid!

*trying so hard not to freak out right now*

Mermaiding 101‘ is a one-hour course led by Los Angeles Mermaid School, which teaches the art of gracefully swimming with a tail, just like a mermaid or merman.

Suitable for ages 8 and up, the course is taught by some of the fin-est (sorry) flippers around, some of whom have appeared in Hollywood movies and commercials showing off their fishy talents. Among these finstructors is the gingerful Virginia Hankins, a professional mermaid, archer and stuntwoman! (Seriously, how can one person be both Princess Ariel and Princess Merida wrapped into one?!)

Virginia Hankins mermaid

[Image: Brenda Stumpf courtesy of The Mermaid Project]

The ‘Mermaiding 101’ course costs $50 per person, with tail rental included. If you think you’ve found your calling, there’s also a ‘Mermaiding 102’ course – you can even buy your own tail so you can practise in your bathtub or at sea!


Visit sheroesentertainment.com or watch the above video for more information, or read more about Virginia Hankins in our exclusive interview

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